Fundraising Tips

How to raise $1000

  You’ve registered to go Over The Edge, you have the date circled on your

calendar, now what? Start fundraising today! Before you know it, you will have

 your $1000 raised and be on your way to the top!


Best Practices

1.       Start Early!

a.       Although it may seem like you have all the time in the world to fundraise, this event will be here sooner thank you think! The sooner you start fundraising, the more money you will raise for your non-profit and the sooner you will reach your goal.

b.      Remember, as soon as you reach your goal, you will be able to choose your rappelling time and officially make it onto the event schedule!

2.       Create an Email Schedule!

a.       It is easy to be super keen when you start your fundraising journey, but lose steam a couple weeks in.

b.      To make sure you are reaching out to your potential donors consistently, create an email schedule, with specific dates and diverse content.

c.       This ensures that you will be switching up your messaging, so your potential donors are not receiving the same ask over and over again. Keep it interesting.

d.      Suggested topics for your emails;

                                                               i.      Ask your non-profit to provide mission related blurbs to add to your emails. This keeps your potential donors updated on WHY you are doing this and how it is helping.

                                                             ii.      Include updates on where you are in the fundraising process and how much more you need to reach your goal.

                                                            iii.      Include pictures and videos from Over the Edge – just ask us for them!


3.       Get Help From Your Support System!

a.       If your friends and colleagues are not able to donate, that’s OK! There is a lot they can do to help you reach your goal;

b.      Ask them to share your personal fundraising page on their social media forums.

c.       Provide them with “info cards” about the event that include your fundraising website and ask that they distribute it to their network.

d.      Ask them to reach out to the people in their lives that may have a connection to the mission, and would consider donating.

4.       Make a Video!

a.       As opposed to writing post after post on your social media forums, consider switching it up! Make a video detailing what you are doing and why you are doing it;

b.      Most viewers will watch a video before they will read a post.

c.       It is easier to communicate the mission of the non-profit profit you are supporting when you are speaking about it – the video makes it more personal.

5.       Use Your Community Connections!

a.       Get something donated from a business in your community

(gift certificate, swag bag, service, etc.)

b.      Create a raise-athon week!

c.       In your email and on social media use wording similar to this “Everyone

who donates to me this week, will go in a draw to win ___”

At the end of the week, get someone to take a video of you drawing a name, and post it! That person wins something, and you’ve made some extra money