Help me GO OVER THE EDGE for LAUW , TradeWind Services and Elizabeth Cordoba. How did Elizabeth enter my life? In my 31 years here at TradeWinds, Elizabeth was a volunteer and I saw very quickly how much she has overcome. I am going OVER THE EDGE to support Elizabeth, an amazing woman and a long term employee at TradeWinds who is a paraplegic from an extremely unfortunate incident which immediately changed her life. NOTHING has stopped her... since the accident, Elizabeth played on a National Wheelchair Basketball League, learned to speak English, became a citizen of the United States, earned an Early Childhood degree from Purdue University and SO much more. This is her next challenge since she has a STRONG fear of heights. Please donate to continue to make Elizabeth and all of the adults and children here at TradeWinds realize their full potential every day, just as Elizabeth has done in her lifetime. Thank you so much. Lisa