By registering for Over The Edge for LAUW on October 12, 2019, I agree to the following Minimum Fundraising Clause: Because this is an exclusive event with limited rappelling spots, each individual participant must reach the minimum $1,000 to go Over the Edge. If the minimum is not reached by October 5, 2019, to secure your spot on the rope you must provide a credit card that will be charged the remaining balance if the minimum is not achieved by event day. Each participant will have up to event day to reach the minimum $1,000 and the credit card charge (if applicable) will be refunded.  Alternative arrangements for those not reaching the $1,000 minimum, must be approved by Lake Area United Way.

Thank you for considering participation in this exciting event!  A couple of answers to common questions:

1.  There is NO age limit to rappel but anyone under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

2.  As a matter of safety, rappellers must weigh between 100 and 300 lbs. 

 I prefer to rappel in the morning
 I prefer to rappel in the afternoon